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Big Al's is operated out of the studios of Alec Soth and Little Brown Mushroom. We offer printing and scanning services for photographers throughout North America.


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Big Al's
856 Raymond Ave., Suite F.
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Inkjet Printing

Here at Big Al’s we use an Epson 11880 64″ printer to make lusciously large prints up to the standards of major museums and collections.  With a selection of many different papers and surfaces, we can guide you towards the paper that will best suit your work. Please inquire about specific papers in stock; Big Al’s typically has 4 different Premium Paper options to choose from and we are happy to order a specific paper to suit your needs.  We pride ourselves on quality, but on a budget.  Nothin’ but the best at Big Al’s!

The following prices include minor file adjustment and one appropriately sized proof. Additional proofs are available upon request for an extra charge.

Inkjet Photo Paper Premium Paper
1st Print 2+ 1st Print 2+
8×10 $15 $10 $25 $18
11×14 $20 $14 $32 $24
16×20 $40 $20 $60 $32
20×24 $60 $30 $95 $50
24×30 $80 $40 $125 $65
30×40 $100 $50 $160 $85
40×50 $160 $85 $255 $140
50×60 $260 $150 $415 $240
60×70 $400 $220 $640 $350
60×80 $450 $250 $720 $400
60×90 $500 $300 $790 $475
60×120 $650 $400 $850 $550

If you live in the area and would like to schedule an appointment with our printing and scanning guru Ethan Jones to discuss anything from paper options, to doing a series of individual tests please contact us. For customers living outside of the Twin Cities area, you still get the same care and attention to detail and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. One of the things that makes Big Al’s unique is the ability to provide one-on-one customer service. There is no middle man at Big Al’s!