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Big Al's is operated out of the studios of Alec Soth and Little Brown Mushroom. We offer printing and scanning services for photographers throughout North America.


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Big Al's
856 Raymond Ave., Suite F.
St. Paul, MN 55114

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Big Al’s offer scans on both a Hasselblad Flextight X5 and a Heidelberg Drum Scanner. For customers who wish to do their own spotting, we offer a significant discount for unspotted scans.  Also, if you are doing a print from the same file as the scan, then a discounted rate applies. Please inquire about the specifics of this discount.

The following are our prices for DRUM SCANNING:

Drum Scans
Film Size Unspotted Spotted
35 – 9600ppi $40 $60
60 – 9600/4800ppi $60 $100
4×5 – 4800ppi $100 $150
5×7 – 4800ppi $125 $175
8×10 – 2400ppi $150 $200
Larger than 8×10 Please Inquire

The following are our prices for Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanning: If you are getting 10 or more Flextight scans at a time a 25% discount applies for unspotted scans, and 10% for spotted scans.

Flextight X5 Scans
Film Size Unspotted Spotted
 1  1
35 – 580mb $20 $40
60 – 370mb $35 $70
4×5 – 460mb $50 $100

The scanning resolution on 60mm drum scans is variable depending on the size of the film. For example, anything smaller than 6x7cm is scanned at 9600ppi, anything larger is 4800ppi. When making Hasselblad Flextight scans of 60mm film, the same rule applies for the listed file size.